Nepavyko rasti.


Alpacas are animals originating from South America. They are known for their distinctive fiber that’s perfect for yarn and is considered to be more sustainable than cashmere.

To produce top quality fleece, we raise alpacas from Chile, Peru, Great Britain, use only acclaimed, high quality studs and do everything to stay up to date with the best breeding practices.



It all began in 2013. We got three alpaca females and since then our herd grew exponentially. Which means that each spring we have more and more alpacas to shear.

From the fleece that we harvest we spin natural color yarn, then knit a variety of clothing items such as gloves or socks and also sew cosy blankets.

Our goal is to stick to traditional wool processing technology. That’s why we have the fiber carded at small local wool-carding shops and spin the yarn using an antique spinning wheel.


Alpaca Care

Find more about our farm and what we do. We had a pleasant visit a while ago and it was captured by Ana in this lovely travel blog – Merry go round slowly.

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